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Cudas make it 2 for 2

Port Malmö vs Copenhagen Barracudas

The Cudas women triumphed by a solitary point over Malmö in a tense and hard fought match. With the men stealing all the dry weather for their game, the girls slogged it out in the wet producing some fast paced flowing footy. The Malmö girls were very physical but our running strength over-powered them in the end. Meyke in her farewell game found her run the longer the game went and broke tackle after tackle to send us into attack. Sabhin (the running machine) O’Sullivan was regretting missing last week’s half marathon so decided to clock up 21 kms in 30 mins of footy today. Her use of handball to set up play and her thumping kick shows she is becoming the complete player.

Zoe was powerful all game displaying power with tackling and finesse with her ball use. Her move into the ruck in the 2nd 3rd🤔 of the game threw their ruck off her game and allowed Meyke freedom to inflict damage. Emma (ever polite and considerate) Obidairo-Danielsen shelved the pleasantries after 3rd time and became the enforcer we know her to be, using her great running strength and skill. Juliet provided entertainment throughout with a “let’s mess ’em up” attitude and some good runs out of defense. Sophie played for the opposition to balance numbers and snagged a great goal in her first ever game. She is going to be a great asset to the team and the club and showed she will pick up the game quickly.

Well done all and thanks to the guys who returned the support by sticking around. A great day for Cudas footy with 2 wins, no serious injuries and James Maine successfully signalling his availability on the app 3 days prior to the event.

Final Score


5 . 5 - 35

Port Malmö

5 . 4 - 34

Cudas Goals:

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