DAFL Round 2: Cudas go down in a nail-biter

Friday night footy hit-out at the Pond in a game that had everything. Despite Farum taking the points, the Cudas boys put on a great show of tough, skillful footy. After years of bruising contests between familiar faces from these two DAFL powerhouse teams, it was a new crop of players from both sides that caught the eye initially...

DAFL Round 1: Cudas start off strong

With 5 players making their DAFL debut it was exciting to see how the team was going to click. It took us a while to get our bearings on the oval. West DK got a jump on us scoring the first goal before we realised we were only using half the available ground...

Round 10: Cudas make it through for chance at the cup

Round 10 was, for all extents and purposes, a semi final for the Barracudas and the group from Vest Danmark; the points up for grabs deciding who would earn a place to compete in the Grand Final in two weeks time on September 17. It was a winner-takes-all affair.

DAFL Round 5. Close but no cigar: Cudas down by 8 in Odense

Donning big V jerseys (V for West Denmark), the home team made a quick start; kicking a few early goals with relative ease. With the help of dedicated ruck work and follow ups around the ground from Boydy, our own forwards came into the game, particularly Sandow and Jack getting on the board to close the gap by the quarter time whistle...

DAFL Round 3: Cudas on a roll

The undefeated Baracudas headed up to Windy Hill in Farum with their strongest line up to date (no disrespect to the pres and the snowman there). Kicking with the aid of a small cyclone, the Cudas got away to an impressive early lead through some elegant forward craft from Jack and Sandow-Smith.

DAFL Round 2: Two on the trot for the Cudas

The boys seemed a bit off their game and played poorly in the first half. 2nd gamer Christian Poulsen saved the day on a few occasions and a cold footed forward line took a while to kick straight. The home team Maulers played strong and direct and slipped their man on too many plays. We were lucky to be up by 2 goals at the half.

DAFL Round 1: Cudas back on top

In perfect conditions at the Pond, the scene was set for the Cudas to take revenge from last year's disappointing grand final loss to the Farum Cats. From the opening bounce the intensity was high, with both teams trying to assert themselves physically...