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Another Reality Check for the Cudas

Round 5: Cudas vs Vest Danmark

Coach’s wrap:

Another reality check for our boys at the Pond on Saturday, but plenty of evidence to show what we’re capable of and what our future holds.

The debut of Anton and Nathan, and the returning Rueben, gave us plenty of reason to get excited, all finding plenty of the ball and picking up the tempo of DAFL footy. The opening bounce set-up was executed to perfection, slick tap work, lightening handball and Jason on the release. Unfortunately the tide turned quickly and the opposition banged on 7 unanswered goals.

We were hurting at quarter time and were suddenly without key players Elliot, Sean (was playing a blinder) and Christian. Going into the game with 5 ruckmen made positional changes tricky given the need to replace running midfielders. Big Ras came to the party and showed he can play anywhere when asked, clunking a big grab, and, after removing the ribbon from the ball 😉, kicked truly.

Danksy was set a task of quelling their new midfield generator and from quarter time ground him down with superior running power and tenacity. Kaj started to generate run through the middle and threw himself into the contest. Jason took it upon himself to plug the holes in the backline when injury hit and hoovered everything in reach. Ziggy showed his ability to adapt, copping a lesson early then committing his body and soul to every contest. Christian made a brave comeback and built on Ziggy’s work. Sam presented well up forward but goals were hard to come by.

Despite the loss, what a finals series we have ahead. The win was an enormous step for the Westerners, and their desperation showed. If we want to feel that glory again, we have to rediscover that desperation and will to win. With a couple of key inclusions for our next game, we know we can match it with any team. It starts now, see you at training.

Shout out to Rueben for taking the guernseys for a wash; to Ras, Boydy and Jas for stocking up the fridge; to Bram for doing the bbq and to Ryan (fan #1) for keeping score.

Final Score


7 . 7 - 49

Vest Danmark

18 . 13 - 121

Cudas Goals:

Rasmus Bruun 3, Sam Danks 2, Fraser Hall 1, Kaj Kremer 1

Cudas Best:


Elliot Jackson